We Share

We Share

We Share is a project initiated to help muslim brotherhood around the globe which offers anyone to have an opportunity to help other muslim brothers and sisters thru our project.

We believe that we might not be able to change or help everyone in this world but at least if we can help even only one, it could mean the world to them.

Our first project has been brought up in June 2018 by an offer from one of our kind customers with the purpose to help the poor students in Cambodia during her visit there.

You can be part of the upper hands to change someone's world.

All the money & support will go directly to those whom you want to help without any cost.

See Our Project below:
1. Support Poor Muslim Students in Cambodia: Each 50 USD/Month/1 Student will be given to a poor muslim student in Cambodia. Please see pictures & video
2. Donation: You can donate with specifying where you want to help ex. To build mosque, to build muslim school, to help muslim in any countries, to help muslim syria

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